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If you broke up with her and now she's claiming being a lesbian, the fuck does that have to do with you? Tbh, "bitch" can be a term for males or females pretty much to describe your attitude. YOU broke up with her and you feel all fucking bad about it and are turning it into a GENDER issue? Lay off her sexuality, you broke up with her I'm certain she's the one getting the shitty end of things.

I broke up with her because she got addicted to drugs and I couldn’t deal with I because of my past. My past being almost dying off a meth OD, having another friend try to kill his own child because he was high, and lose my best friend to drugs. I couldn’t help her. I’m pretty sure we are both having a tough time of things so please fuck off you prick.

I guess this really brings out the ugly side of you, she's better off, let her fucking heal asshat

I’M FUCKING TRYING BUT PEOPE WONT LET ME HEAL. I have feelings too and people keep coming in my inbox telling me al the Shit e is doing a criticizing my every move. Why does nobody let me heal? Why do you have to be such a fucking low life and insult me but not even have the decency or courage to show your face. You’re a fucking gob of toe jam and you need to fuck off.

Dude I'm not the one bitching about a happy meal and having girl drama. Grow up bitch

No you’re the one harassing and using gendered insults towards the guy already going through a hard time having his ex fiancée invalidate his gender by claiming she’s a lesbian right after the break up. So… you fucking bucket of vaginal discharge can fuck right off.  

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I feel humiliated. Fuck you.

I literally told you while we were together if you ever broke my heart I would be done with men. Don’t you dare say I humiliated you when you put me on fucking blast on your tumblr. I tried to ignore it. And you know what? When I was posting shit about you I was BLAMING MYSELF FOR EVERYTHING THAT WENT WRONG. So fuck you too.

"I’m glad I’m so easy to get over" BLAMING YOURSELF THOUGH. Why do you get to vent but I don’t?

hey man, i think maybe you should take a break from tumblr, or at least a break from talking to your ex, to help yourself heal. in my experience, I've never been able to heal so long as I had contact or the urge to contact any of my exes, I'm not sure if taking a break to be with yourself would help you at all but it's an option. Hope you feel better xander

I tried to take a break from her but she got mad and said I never cared. I haven’t tried contacting her.